Pacers-Raptors Preview: We Meet Again, Dinosaurs

Since tipoff is in like a couple of minutes, I decided to post up a quick thought here. So with Jim O’Brien out and all of that, I really expect these Pacers to play with a lot of heart today. I think we are going to see a win here in Conseco Fieldhouse. I just see it. And it better work, hopefully. Plus, the Raptors are 9-16 on road games. Better than the Pacers on the road, I know, but that’s not the case here.


“Bosh was just too much for us,” O’Brien added. “He played like he normally plays. He’s a great basketball player.”

Yeah, we know that Jim. But still. Stop Bosh. It was like in the last game, Indiana was allowing Earl Watson to guard Bosh. So Indy, play strong. And Hedo, talk ball.

Let’s go Pacers!

Also check out analysis from the Raptors in 8.9′s interview with Raptors Republic.

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