Pacers-Raps Preview: L.A. and Cleveland Didn't Turn Out So Well, How About In Toronto?

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Okay, I am done with those silly little charts now. Getting a little annoying. Just wanted to point that out. Those Lakers, Cavs games were just nothing to talk about. That’s why my recaps were a bit, well, you know—stupid (kindergartner: “That’s a bad word!”). But anyways, now that that is out of the way, let’s focus on these Toronto Raptors.

It’s been reported that Chris Bosh will not be traded, once again. So that just leaves a bigger hole for the Pacers to win. But Indiana got this team in their last bout, coming behind from a 23-point margin to get satisfied of a 105-101 victory. Yes, I know, if you head on over to ESPN, it says that the Pacers have a 21 percent chance of winning this.

No worries. These guys sometimes are always wrong, especially if you count the games with the Blue and Gold. It may look tough—still—for Indy with Toronto on a four-game winning-streak, as well as being 16-6 at home.

“I think everything’s clicking,” Chris Bosh said. “We’re looking for our shots, we’re being aggressive. At the same time, we know how the game’s supposed to flow, who’s open, the offensive sets we want to run. I mean it’s coming together bit by bit.”

But the Pacers can do it. They haven’t a really tough time against this Toronto team. It’s always somehow matched even. I can see the Pacers playing strong defense like they did in their last bout, like limiting them in their shots—forcing them to shoot 40% percent overall as well as making them go 3-of-18 in the fourth quarter. That would be something I’d definitely be looking forward to, obviously.

“We stopped them a bunch of times, was boxing out, limiting them to one shot,” said Danny Granger of the win in the team’s last matchup against the Raps. “That won the game for us.”

That’s what I—and so many other Pacer fans out there—want to see in this team. They’ve been doing good so far on the road, surprisingly, after the stomping over Detroit. Danny Granger has been averaging 30 PPG against this Raptors team in their last few matchups. It would be a miracle to see him do it again.

Well, hang in their tight Pacers fans, because even we do lose this—things are gonna be a whole lot worse. Why so? Come on, the Pacers are expected to win 27 games, possibly worse. Spitballing, my friends. Spitballing.


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