Pacers-Lakers Preview: Ok, So It's Not a Preview

I really don’t want to do a preview of this game. I am just scared is all. The Lakers! THE LAKERS! It’s scary, man, scary. But hey, I won’t worry that much. I mean, you never know, Pacers can pull of a surprise defeat. First, we need Indy to ride the Cool Bus. Then they’ll win. Let’s hope. Kobe vs. Granger. It’s going to be fun. Also, I’d like to see Roy Hibbert battling Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.

The Hibbert-Gasol battle looks more watchable, in since Gasol really has no power at all. No disrespect, but I hate Pau Gasol so much. I am sorry. Hibbert vs. Gasol, big strong 7-foot-guy against another 7-footer who is not so tough, whines a lot, and has a dad that is an Opera singer. But yeah, I can see a win.

But I doubt it. But it’s at home. Better be cheering my friends.

The cool bus is the key to winning…..

Tags: Andrew Bynum Danny Granger Indiana Pacers Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers NBA Pau Gasol Roy Hibbert

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