Is A.J. Price Worthy of Being a Starter? Let's Use Statistical Analysis

A.J. Price, to me, seems like a steal in the NBA Draft. After seeing him in the last month, this guy has come up big for the Pacers lately and has been a strong contributor. If the Pacers don’t want to start T.J. Ford, who recently requested a trade, they might as well go for Price at starter in my opinion. It’s worth it. I can’t stand seeing Earl Watson at the point anymore. Price had 17 points last night against the Sixers—off the bench.

In 25 games this year, the young stud out of UConn has been averaging 7.2 PPG along with 1.8 APG and 1.6 RPG in 14 minutes. At a 6’2″ and 181 pounds, he plays larger than his size. But most of his success has come in 2010. This month, he has been averaging 10.6 PPG, 2.8 APG, and 1.8 RPG. His best game came in a 108-102 loss to the Thunder, with his 23-point performance.

Price also came up big in the 105-101 win over the Raptors, hitting big shots, ending his day with 16 points—making Indy fight back from a 23-point deficit earlier in the first half. He’s been a strong contributor lately. Also, Price has the best rating out of all the Pacers according to

Also, according to 82 Games, Price is 13-3 when he starts or plays a good amount of minutes. He also has a 81.3 win percentage with the team. He adds +35 net points when he is on the floor. Per 48 minutes when Price is on the floor, the Pacers average +7.8 net points. The Pacers have had mostly positive outcomes with Price.

Now let’s use some of John Hollinger’s methods. Price actually average 19.7 points per 40 minutes. Along with that, his true shooting percantage is 52.6%, which is thing is pretty reasonable. Price is just under the league average of 15.00 of PER with his 14.04. Price has also been strong in the FT’s, shooting over .800.

Now back to 82 Games. Price can get his shots up quickly, making most of his shots from 0-10 seconds. That actually helps you a lot, getting up points faster. Plus, check this out, with the a five-man starting line-up of Price-Rush-Dunleavy-Granger-Murphy, the Pacers are 2-0! They also are undefeated with the same exact lineup, except with Hibbert at center. I’d like that one better, in since the Paces are still strongly considering trading Murph.

At PG or SG, Price has a combined 17-7 record with Indiana per 48 minutes I believe. Remember Price’s PER is 14.04? Well, combined at PG-SG along with Per 48 minutes, he has a 17.8 PER! Compared to his opponents, their PER is 12.95! Total statistics:

Not all of them are so great, but Price will improve as the games pass by. I’m telling you, Price starting at PG could work. I don’t know what you guys think, but I say, “Let’s start Price!”

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