Dahntay Jones Teaches Offense

Because most of you reading this are good Hoosiers, you presumably love fundamentals and are always trying to improve your core basketball skills. You know the B.E.E.F. rules of shooting (Balance, Eyes on the rim, Elbow in, Follow-through). You can foot-fire for the duration of an entire Oscars broadcast. You can stutter-step crossover past any orange cone or folding chair. You can run the three-man weave in your sleep — and often do alongside a 1992 Kathy Ireland and Daisy Fuentes in your dreams. (Or maybe that’s just me?)

Thus, I imagine you are all saving up to buy the entire 47-DVD set of Better Basketball instructional videos. Well, it looks like now you can save that money for bike pegs and bubble gum, boys and girls.

Because Dahntay Jones is here to teach you offense.

Yes, it’s true. The defensive specialist is here to share the following lessons:

1. JUMPSHOT: Square up to the hoop. Get balanced. Knees shoulder width apart. Jump straight up, and land where you started. Eyes on the rim.

2. DRIVING TO THE RIM: Stay under control. Use an attack move. Prepare for help defenders. Make good decisions.

But that’s not all.

Head over to The Blowtorch to find out the three other components of any good scoring attack. The last one is obviously the most important — and the key to Dahntay’s success.


(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

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