Pacers-Pistons Preview: Ah......

Ah remember this?


I think Indy will get their first road win since, like what, two months. Let’s hope god damn it.

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  • Jack-o

    I can’t believe you posted that video on a Pacers fan site. Christ, let’s try not to dig up old bones every year. Thank you for not cursing us and actually let us win the game. And how ’bout some actual writing on this site?!? How old are you…10?

    • Josh Dhani

      Oh my god I am so scared of ur crticism. I’m only 13 my brotha. Andbesides, what writing have uever done? Dumb commenters always trying ruin peoples good life because those commenters already don’t have one. Have a great day jacko or whatever ur next dumb name will be

  • Sean S.

    Hey, Jack-o, lay off him. This is a great blog and it doesn’t hurt to remind us of when the franchise’s tide turned back in the day. And, anyways, we won last night. Keep up the great work, Josh!

    • Josh Dhani

      Thanks man

  • Force Factor

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