Pacers-Heat Preview: At Home They Strike, The Road? Not So Much....


Pacers: Indy Cornrows, Eight Points, Nine Seconds, Pacers Pulse, Pacers Place

Heat: All U Can Heat, Peninsula is Mightier, Hot Hot Hoops, Let’s Go Heat, The Heat Blog

As you can see, the “By The Numbers” chart up there is messed up a bit. Screw it. The Pacers, as you can see in the chart, are pretty close to Miami in the stats, but that’s not the case here—nor the record.

This Pacers team looks mightier than ever right now. Sure, 14-26, yeah, I know—not so mighty—but look, this team has been on a roll lately. Okay, so what if they lost to the Hornets. It was my bad. Everyone’s bad. But don’t get too hyped over this, Pacers fans.

Most of these wins, and I think in a matter of fact—ALL OF THESE WINS!—were at home. And as you can tell by the stats, the Pacers suck on the road. And I’ve seen that, too. It’s impossible to win in other arenas. The Pacers have a 31% chance of winning this game, and it looks tough.

The Pacers are .500 with Granger back now and look to move up to 4-3. We’ll revisit Jermaine O’Neal and it looks to be a fun matchup as well as seeing two of the league’s best scores, Danny Granger and Dwayne Wade, face off. Earl Watson will face Miami’s new kid on the block: Rafer Alston.

I am going to like this game. But the Pacers need a road win…

Could this be it?

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