C'mon. They're Not *THAT* Bad

Alright, Sports Illustrated. I’m fully aware of how bad the Pacers are.

But, c’mon, Chris Mannix … it’s going to take at least 5 more years for Indy to reach 253 losses. (His power rankings have now been fixed, but you can check them out anyway. Power rankings are by definition stupid, but I like Mannix so his are at least insightful for what they are.)

(Screenshot via @dv140)


At least the Pacers are still up 55 games on the Wolves in the loss column. Plus, I think they have the tie-breaker if it comes down to that for home court advantage in the Finals.

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  • Fred

    poor article…prolly took 8.9 seconds to come up with the idea for what to write about today…anybody just look at some of espns other affiliated blogs….way more feedback from the fans