Wolves Offer Al Jefferson for Danny Granger. Larry Bird "Immediately" Turns It Down

According to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!, the Wolves offered up the promising big who is still recovering from ACL surgery for Indy’s franchise SF, who is himself still recovering from a torn plantar fascia.

Talentwise, this could have been one of the more “our talent for yours” rather than financial-based trades in the NBA of late, but Larry Bird isn’t having any of it. Nor should he, in my opinion. Even though Danny’s struggling badly this season, his two-way ability and his pure shooting stroke are significantly more valuable to an NBA team than Al Jeff’s ability to score and draw a double-team in the post.

And apparently Wolves GM David Kahn feels the same way.

While Pacers president Larry Bird remains determined to build around Granger, sources say Kahn has become increasingly dubious on making Jefferson a cornerstone for the Timberwolves.

So far, Kahn has tried to undo almost everything from the Kevin McHale regime, and trading Jefferson would be another significant step in that direction.

Woj has some other info on any other potential Pacer deals before the trade deadline.

The Pacers, who are tied for the second-worst record in the Eastern Conference, could be dealers before the trade deadline, but league executives believe Indiana has all but ruled out any moves that would include Granger or center Roy Hibbert. After missing a month with a foot injury, Granger returned to the Pacers’ lineup on Friday. He has become one of the league’s best young scorers, averaging 24 points a game.

Seems pretty obvious. Talentwise, Granger obviously isn’t untradeable. But considering that he represents the one truly positive thing that has occurred in Indiana since November 2004, any deal that allowed Danny to leave the state would probably have to be a much better offer than any other team is likely to make.


Larry Bird not targeting Al Jeff. Get it? “Targetting”? Cause there’s a Target logo in the photo? See it? Whatever. You try writing this crap everyday.

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  • R TAN

    GOOD 4 BIRD!!

  • http://google wesley winter

    danny is really good but al would help pacers out and trying to get some pieces will hear is the whole thing damn larry bird i was wishing that u dont get fired cause u cant handle your job at all sorry but u cant.

  • http://google wesley winter

    if i was bird i would go after al right now cause he will give u some defense and some offense.

  • http://google wesley winter

    well i am going to play nba 2k10 and trade danny for al thanks. if u want something done right u have to do it yourself right bird like u would know u are the man who turned down this trade.

  • Nick Tabaczka

    I hope Indiana doesn’t get trade happy. Foster is a dependable vet, Hibbert and Hansborough have promise, Dahntay Jones was a good pick up, and Rush had 5 blocks the other night… the only issue is point guard. As you have already stated, since Mark Jackson, there has been no staple PG. We went from Best, to Rose, Tinsley, Anthony, Ford, Diener, and now to Watson. I am rooting for Diener, the better NBA point guards have experience being the 2nd or 3rd best player on the court. It forces them to be a “pass-first” player.
    Maybe they don’t have the guy right now, but after a decade of problem (off the court) players, Indiana has a clean roster built around players from fundamentally sound hoops programs; Texas, GTown, Kansas, Uconn, UNC, and 3 from Duke.
    What is needed is one thing: Avery Johnson! The best O’brien has ever coached was in Boston. Where he was famous for ‘airing it out’- out of the first round that is. Pierce and Walker chucking threes was an embarrassment. Don’t think that with the wrong coaching, Granger and Dunleavy are above that tactic. Sure, First Round exits sound great after our recent drought. But I would think Bird wants the Franchise to aim higher than the Celtics and Bucks of the Late 90’s.
    Avery makes this team relevant. He has a reputation for defense first, developing PGs, and feeding the post. Hiring Avery gets the Pacers in the news- for the right reasons.

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