8p9s Contest: You Give Roy Hibbert a Nickname, We Give You Free T-Shirts

Who likes free stuff?

Here’s your chance to win a free prize package of four t-shirts, five beer koozies and various other goodies (see photo below) courtesy of Indy’s famous Scotty’s Brewhouse.

All you have to do is come up with a nickname for Roy Hibbert.

Those of you familiar with my work on Both Teams Played Hard know that I’m a big fan of nicknames. It really doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about Pacers favorites like The Rifleman (Chuck Person) and The Dunkin’ Dutchman (Rik Smits), timeless NBA classics like The Microwave (Vinnie Johnson) and Cornbread (Cedric Maxwell) or my own creations like Switchblade (Trevor Ariza) and Daggers (Brandon Roy). They’re all good.

And it troubles me that the Pacers have a young, charismatic, 7’2″ center without a real nickname.

That’s where you come in.

Submit your best creations in the comments below (or via email to [email protected]) and our committee of experts (me and Tim) will select a winner at the end of the day. You will be able to pick up your prizes at Scotty’s downtown location near Conseco Fieldhouse (1 Virginia Avenue).

(Just be sure to include you your email address in the proper place so that I can contact you when you win. Emails will never be used for any purpose other than to give you free stuff.)

scottys brewhouse free tshirts

Scotty’s Brewhouse is offering up 4 XL tees, five drink koozies and some beads. Check out some of their many other promotions and offers at their website.

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  • Tony Laurenzana (duke dynamite)

    Right-In Roy His looks at those hooks go right in.

  • Steven

    Select 55

  • Steven

    Hungry Hungry Hibbert

    and also Roy should incorporate a “Jackson-jiggle” type move after he scores and call it the Hibby Hibby Shakes.

  • http://kevinhood.com Kevin Hood

    Ah, Steven beat me to it. Hungry Hungry Hibbert is the only one that should be considered . . . thanks to Dante and Galante during Summer League – hilarious.

  • pacer eric

    i’ve got to go with “The Natural”. Like Roy Hobbes.

  • Ron Stanton

    “They call me Mr. Hibbs”

  • James

    Hasn’t it been Hungry Hungry Hibbert since this summer? I don’t see why we need to rename him already. He’s already got a special nickname and they even use it on air during the games. It’d be better if this was for one of the other players who don’t have one yet.

  • Zach

    How about the H.I.B.?

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  • Jared Wade

    Just for kicks, James.

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  • http://deanarnold.org McKeyFan


  • Davis

    I just call him dr. hibbert.

  • kester

    Rattlin’ Roy

  • Trav

    Roy Wonder

    _ or _

    Big Softie

  • Jared Wade

    Meant to call this thing at 5:30 but work ran late. Seems like “Hungry Hungry Hibbert” is the consensus pick, even if it isn’t new. I’m not the hugest fan of it, frankly, but 8p9s is a democracy by the people and for the people.

    So we’ll give that the Gold Medal, and note Mr. Hibbs and Roy Wonder as admirable choices as honorable mentions.

    Congrats, Steven.

    You’re a winner. (Check your email for prize-related instructions.)

  • Gary Ruehrschneck

    The Big Rejection

  • Gary Ruehrschneck

    Rebounding Roy

  • Peter

    Since there are so few true centers anymore and because he is so tall, I call him “Mount Hibbert.” If Hibbert blocks a shot, one could say, “he couldn’t scale Mount Hibbert,” or he was “rejected by the mountain.” On offense when Hibbert makes a power move, a person could say, “you can’t stop a mountain.”

  • Gary Ruehrschneck

    Roy Hitman Hibbert

  • Jared Wade

    Nice, Peter. And “Hitman” is great, Gary.

    Good calls.

    Check back next Wednesday and we’ll have another contest…Perhaps nickname-related again. If we keep getting sponsors, we’ll likely do this every Wednesday.

  • Gary Ruehrschneck

    You can call me Roy

  • Gary Ruehrschneck

    Roy the House Hibbert

  • kester

    I can’t stop.

    Hoosier Mamba

  • Jake

    Notorious H.I.B

  • Kelly

    Gentle Giant – I believe that he is an acrogmegalic, just like me. I pray that someone will recognize this, versus have him play for team glory and his death.

  • Preetam Naini

    The Iron Giant fits him

  • Austin MiO

    Gigantor? Doc Block? Mr Roytastic? Iron Giant? Hoya Heights? Any of the five
    Or mount roy-more