Jarret Jack Ties His Shoe While Holding the Ball

Remember Jarrett Jack? He was a Pacer last year. And a lot of fans have missed his energy this season, while also wondering what exactly it is he’s up to these days.

Well, rest assured, sports fan. Jarret Jack is still very much alive and well up in Toronto. (Although a lot of Raptors fans would argue he’s not doing “well” at all.)

And only just a few minutes ago, he decided to do some in-game multi-tasking while waiting for the quarter to wind down. Rather than just dribble down the clock until it was time to take the last shot per usual, he figured that he may as well use that dead time to instead tighten up his laces. (via @tasmelas)

Some people might question his timing but I, for one, commend the man. Really, he’s quite the role model here. An untied lace is very dangerous. Especially on an escalator. Kids need to learn to fear and respect the escalator. There’s not a year that goes by — not a year — that I don’t read about some escalator accident that could have been avoided.

UPDATE: Here’s a better video of the incident. (via CavsFanatic)

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  • http://alwaysmillertime.com Josh Dhani

    Lol wow!

  • http://www.outsidethenba.com James

    Love the Mallrats reference.

  • trugoy

    mallrats ftw.

  • http://www.eightpointsnineseconds.com Tim Donahue

    That’s more movement than I’ve seen out of the Pacer offense in a month.

  • http://deanarnold.org McKeyFan

    Deng’s teammates should rag on him for months. In fact, that’s career raggable.

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  • Ellacott

    They had the nerve to get upset with Lebron dancing on the court yet they let a guy tie his shoes and no one tries to steal the ball.

    Deng will get an award for the most courteous NBA player.