Pacers-Jazz Preview: Pacers Better Jazz It Up Before Things Get Worse

The Pacers have lost three straight games already and fall to 6-10 currently. Now they’ll be facing the Utah Jazz, who have won three in a row. The Jazz are 10-7, and this may be a tough game for the Pacers.

According to ESPN Accuscore Predictions, they say Utah will win by 87% and Pacers with 13%. But hey, who cares about those. They said that the Pacers had like a 60% chance of winning the game against Dallas not too long ago. But hey, this one may be right.

The Pacers have to put it all together when they face Utah. Heck, the Grizzlies have more wins than us now, can you imagine that? Oh well, I am not too worried and if I am, I’ll be kicked out writing with 3 Shades of Blue. I’m a Grizzlies fan, too. I know, shocking.

The good thing is that we won’t have any injuries for us. But Utah has a lot. I counted seven. But some of them might be playing, I bet. The Pacers have been 3-7 in their last ten games (Utah is 7-3).

The Pacers need to “jazz” it up. It’s time to win now. You worked hard on those winning streaks. It’s harder to win, and that’s what makes you competitors. It’s easier to lose, which makes you…well…losers. So come on guys, get it all back together now.

You'll be proven wrong soon. MWUHAHAHA!

You'll be proven wrong soon. MWUHAHAHA!

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