Check Out Ocho Cinco!

David Endris of The Crown Publishing Group brought to my attention of a fascinating book called Ocho Cinco. Here’s what David says, which really wants me to buy the book:

Chad Johnson’s new autobiography, “Ocho Cinco,” is about to come out and is, just like Johnson himself, never politically correct and always controversial. In his book he offers his blunt take on his life and career and on the bizarre game—and business—of football. Showing readers what really makes Ocho Cinco tick, he pulls no punches about what really goes on in the locker room, on the field, and in the nightclubs where so many pro athletes—including many of his Bengals teammates—get in trouble. “Ocho Cinco” gives fans a rare inside look at the world of pro football, presented by a singular athlete who’s not afraid to speak his mind. “What I do may be funny,” Johnson says, “but nothing I do is a joke.”

For more on this interesting book, click here. Chad is looking good this year with the Bengals, and so might be his book!

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