Player Skills Profile: T.J. Ford

He looks sad...oh well, he's a pretty darn good player!

He looks sad...oh well, he's a pretty darn good player!

As I mentioned to you before, I was going to be starting a project on Player Skills Profile. Unfortunately, I made a little typo bug in that post. I said I’d be writing about their skills and their skills from last year. I am just going to do their skills, NOT their skills from last year. Sounds good? Good.

So let’s get this started.

Despite his small size at 6’0,” you might think he’ll have his shot blocked. No, not at all. Ford is simply just impossible to cover when he is going for a layup. Ford is also the fastest player in the NBA, which means he is explosive, which is another element to why he is just simply impossible to cover. Ford is also unstoppable when shooting from five-to-ten feet. He never misses a shot there.

Ford is great at handling the ball and is sometimes aggressive when he is playing some defense. Ford has definitely improved his game in every category. Take a look at this chart from 2007, thanks to

Largest right-left difference on 2-pointers, 2007-08
Player Team Pct. of FGA from right Pct. Of FGA from left Difference
T.J. Ford Tor 32.1 10.6 21.5
Chris Paul NO 28.1 12.8 15.3
Marcus Camby Den 25.9 11.7 14.2
Jarrett Jack Por 25.5 11.8 13.7
Earl Watson Sea 32.7 19.3 13.4

Pretty impressive, huh? Ford looks to be great coming into the 2009-10 season. Watch out, he may be impossible to st

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