Blue 'N Gold In the News: Helping Tommy and Granger's Batcave Wonders

Hello, and welcome to the very first edition of Blue ‘N Gold In the News. Today, we dish out two topics that are important in the Pacers blogosphere. Let’s begin.

Pacers and Fever Team Up to Help Tommy Summerlin

Tommy Summerlin has been dreaming of getting a cool basketball court for his birthday. He was turning nine years old, turning out to be a “big kid.” Leukemia truly is saddening as Tommy has been fighting it for a year. His birthday wasn’t going to be sad, not one single bit.

For his birthday, not only a basketball court was received, but players offered to come to his house and celebrate. Indiana Pacers centers Jeff Foster and Roy Hibbert along with Indiana Fever’s Tamika Catchings and Shay Murphy were very popular guests at his party.

It was very kind of what these guys did. The video of the party can be found here. How generous, don’t you think?

Batcave Plan for Granger Hits a Snag

Conrad Brunner reports that Granger’s Batcave plan hits a snag. Danny’s favorite hero may be Superman, but Batman may be his future. Here are some interesting details Bruno had to offer in his blog at Caught in the Web:

Granger generated some offseason publicity last summer when he announced plans to build his version of a Batcave in a new home in suburban Albuquerque, N.M. The idea was to have an underground garage with a hidden entrance for his car, as well as a moat.

Our intrepid fantasy hoops expert, James Morris, captured Granger in a Batman mask in the memorable photo (right) at his basketball camp last year.

The Wall Street Journal, which apparently has grown weary of reporting on the economy, recently updated with the news New Mexico building codes have gotten in the way of the hidden underground tunnel entrance but that the cave is “supposed to be livable within a couple of years.”

For the record, Granger does not have a Batmobile. Well, not anymore. He had an all-black BMW with deeply tinted windows but sold it last year.

And he does not walk around the house in a cape and mask, although he does have a Superman robe emblazoned with DG33.

It sound pretty cool, don’t you think?

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