Is ESPN Blind? Predicts Pacers Will Win 33 Games Next Season

Even I’d be scared if I were ESPN, just look at Stephen Jackson with that gun!

Now this ticks me off. I have so much respect for ESPN, and before I write this post, I hope you understand that ESPN. I am not trying to harm you or in any offense that may hurt your feelings and it will end you up like the saddened and in what I think is high, Stephon Marbury, and record yourself doing the most absurd and out-of-control things on or some TV broadcasting crap thing like that.

So I just want you to know that. I am a very nice man. Not this time. Right now I am very pissed off. As Jared Wade of Eight Points, Nine Seconds brought to my attention, ESPN has ranked the Indiana Pacers as the twelfth best team in the Eastern Conference and predicts them to be 33-49 coming into the 2009-10 season. And the most retarded thing is that he predicts the Charlotte Bobcats to win two more games then the beloved Indy Pacers.

THE BOBCATS! THAT’S RIGHT EVERYBODY, THE FREAKING BOBCATS! We have destroyed the Bobcats last season. And not to be mean to Bobcats fans or homers, but I do have a good amount of interest in the team but I will always root for my Pacers about a billion times more, but don’t worry, the Cats are in my Top Five favorite teams, so don’t be hating.

But come on! 33 games! It’s outrageous. Indy hasn’t sunk that low since 1989! 20 years, two decades, one more year and you can go out and drink! It just sucks. I am not happy about this decision. Let’s take a look at this millennium and see what the Pacers have done, says Wade:

1999-00: 56-26 (.683)
2000-01: 41-41 (.500)
2001-02: 42-40 (.512)
2002-03: 48-34 (.585)
2003-04: 61-21 (.744)
2004-05: 44-38 (.537)
2005-06: 41-41 (.500)
2006-07: 35-47 (.427)
2007-08: 36-46 (.439)
2008-09: 36-46 (.439)

But no offesne, this makes ESPN look like a complete dumbass:

For three straight seasons, the Pacers have been the East’s best lottery team. Alas, our panel doesn’t see their inglorious run of ninth-place finishes continuing, as Indiana looks like No. 12 material to ESPN’s experts. The biggest issue seems to be a depleted talent base unreplenished since the Pacers’ recent glory years.

I am sorry if I hurted ESPN’s feelings. I stand my case for the Pacers. They will be a playoff-caliber team. And with Mike Dunleavy returning from injury, Indy is going to be a true powerhouse team. Watch, you’ll see. They may be a first-round exit, but no way in hell there is a 33-game win season.

Not in my man, and surely, not in yours either. Give your opinion, I’d like to hear what you think. Comment below and give the opinion! Your feedback looks worthy to read.

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  • The Worldwide Leader

    You respect ESPN? Why? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that ESPN is a lame, gimmick-ridden network which offers little analysis or insight, fails on a regular basis at trying to be funny or make pop culture references, and is arguably biased towards the East Coast.

    Also, I don’t care that you’re a Pacers fan, but seriously, could you write an article in which someone reading your work for the first time WOULDN’T be able to tell you’re a Pacers fan? The point of writing an article like this to debate a claim made by someone else and to prove them wrong is to use objectivity, not biased opinions and petty, unprofessional 12-year old insults like “this makes ESPN look like a complete dumbass,” “the most retarded thing is…” Just stop talking. There is no place for crap like this in sports writing/blogging.

    I’d like to point out that it’s rather funny you have been straight “pissed off” by ESPN, but you also take every chance to apologize to them in your article…don’t worry about having “hurted” their feelings, they won’t even be reading this.

    Also, are you unfamiliar with the concepts of proofreading and editing? Your grammar “hurted” my eyes.

  • Josh Dhani

    Oh, I am so scared of your criticism. An eight-year old can write that comment better. Your criticism was “bad.” Sorry sir, but you can’t try me. You’ve failed.

  • The Worldwide Leader

    Learn proper grammar, how to spell, how to proofread, and how to act like a professional (or an aspiring professional), and grow up. I’m not trying to scare you, stop acting like a child. If your reaction to criticism is to get defensive and act like everyone is trying to scare and insult you as a person as opposed to your work, don’t go into the journalism industry. Calling people “dumbass” or dropping lines like “retarded” is no way to go about making a point. That is a GREAT way to lose credibility before having a chance to establish it. No reputable media source will want to have anything to do with a writer who has no better word to use than “retarded” when he doesn’t agree with something. No All I’m simply stating is that it doesn’t take a half-blind fifth grader to see that this piece is flaming garbage. I’m not trying to scare you, so stop victimizing yourself kid. If I wanted to scare you, don’t you think I would make some hollow threats of violence like every other internet tough guy who talks tough behind a keyboard and doesn’t back it up in real life?

  • Josh Dhani

    Okay thanks for telling me, anyways I am 13

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