All Reggie, All Day on NBATV

Time to leave work early. NBATV is celebrating Reggie’s birthday by showing all his classic games all day long. Sorry for getting this to you so late in the day, but I just found out myself. For shame, I know.

We’ll be covering this more later but, for now, here’s the remaining schedule for the day from our pals at Ball Don’t Lie (all times EST):

4 p.m. — Chicago at Indiana, Game 4, May 25, 1998: Reggie does his dance, while coach Larry Bird looks as cold as ice, after Miller “shakes” free from Michael Jordan to hit the game-winner.

6 p.m. — Milwaukee at Indiana, Game 5, May 4, 2000: Reggie drops 41 points in the deciding Game 5 to keep the Pacers road to the Finals alive after an early scare from the Bucks.

8 p.m. — Indiana at New Jersey, Game 5, May 2, 2002: The Pacers wind up losing in double-overtime but Reggie tries to save the day with an out-of-this world 3-pointer in regulation and dunk on the entire Nets squad in the first OT.

Fortunately for those of us with TiVo, however, the network will then just re-loop much of the day’s coverage and run it all again. Set your DVRs for the following.

10:00 pm – Reggie’s appearance on The Marv Albert Show.

10:30 pm – Reggie’s first pro game in Philly on November 6, 1987

12:30 am – Reggie’s 25 point fourth quarter vs. the Knicks in Game 5 of the 1994 Playoffs.

2:30 am – Reggie creates the name of this blog.



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  • Tim Donahue

    That’s a great pic…I love looking at the reactions on all the fans…they know what’s coming.

    However, they didn’t show that game either. That was Game 4 of the ’98 Conference Semi’s. I remember the whole play…Pacers down three, under 24…go to Smits in the post, he rolls, misses a shot, but bats the rebound out towards Chris Mullin. Mullins executes a perfect touch pass to Jackson at the top, who swings it to Reggie all alone on the elbow…at this point, the Knicks’ D is so discombobulated, they’re all merely running in tight circles, like a dog chasing it’s own tail. Boom Baby! goin’ to OT…Pacers win by 11 in OT.

    The other fun game to watch is that Game 5 against Milwaukee. Just a brutally tight game, all 48 minutes…I had forgotten how bad a night Travis had before draining the game winner, and I had forgotten how awesome Reggie was with 18 in the 4th.

    The Sixer game from ’87 was fun just to see all the old faces, like Stipo, Chuck, and Vern. Seeing David Wingate (yes, David Wingate) as the early focus of the offense for Philly…Watching Roy Hinson…who Philly had acquired, along with cash, by trading Cleveland the # 1 pick in the draft (Brad Daugherty).

    Ahhh…fun times.