Some Guy Named Solomon Jones Now a Pacer

Late Saturday night, Jeff Rabjohns of the Indianapolis Star unveiled yet another off-season transaction for the Pacers, who have now acquired the 6’10, 25-year-old Solomon Jones, a guy you have likely never heard of during his three-year stint as an Atlanta Hawk bench fixture.

Solomon Jones the basketball player, who barely beat out Solomon Jones “the author of the critically acclaimed novels C.R.E.A.M.Ride Or Die, The Bridge, and Pipe Dream” for the number-one spot in a Google search for the name, is primarily known as a capable shot-blocker that has never really shown the ability to do much else at the NBA level. In three years in Atlanta, he has had trouble earning playing time even in the 156 career games where he saw action, averaging just 2.6 points and 2.1 rebounds in less than 11 minutes per night.

Larry Bird, who signed Solomon to a two-year/as-yet-undisclosed-but-certainly-low-value contract, presumably thinks that Solomon’s interior presence — which includes a 7’4″ wingspan and impressive athleticism — can be useful in the rotation. We’ll see about that.

More interestingly, the Jones pickup prompted Indy Cornrows to ask a few questions about how the rest of the roster will subsequently be filled.

Is a little shot blocking depth for the Pacers worth a valuable roster spot?

Is a sign-and-trade deal with the Boston Celtics dead or will more players be on the move?

Why hasn’t Earl Watson signed yet? Is he holding up the deal or are the Pacers?

Will Mike Dunleavy be ready sooner than expected?

Head over there for some potential answers. (UPDATE: Via a tweet from Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star, Earl Watson is still definitely coming to Indy and it will be official “within the next day or two.”)

And watch the video below to see one example of Solomon’s shotblockability. (via Pacers Digest)

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  • kester

    Cornrows and others I’ve read have said this signing makes them wonder if Murphy of Foster are moving before the season starts. It sure doesn’t make me wonder that. Would Bird go into the season with Hibbert / Hansbrough / McBob / Solomon…four untested and/or limited skill sets… and one veteran big? I’d be surprised if it ever crossed anyone’s mind in the Pacers FO.

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  • Jared Wade

    As always, I could see some contender wanting Foster. He’s got a unique skillset and could have a poor man’s Birdman impact on a playoff team. The Spurs, for example, could use a workman type like Jeff to back up McDyess. Not saying Pop would trade for him, but Jeff is just the type of player that makes sense for teams looking to add a little grit, defense and rebounding to their front court.

    Troy, however, still seems like he’s pretty unmovable. Even with his better numbers last year, I still don’t think a lot of teams are going to be offering anything even half-decent for him. And he does have a lot of on-court value for us, so simply unloading him for cap relief and no talent coming back wouldn’t really be in the interest of winning in Indy.