Josh McRoberts Is Officially Back

As mentioned last week, the Pacers have indeed re-signed Josh McRoberts. And this time it’s official. It’s a two-year deal, but Mike Wells has reported that only the first year is totally guaranteed. The salary figures are still undisclosed, but we’re obviously talking about a pretty low number.

All in all, good things.

I’ve never seen an abundance of talent in Josh, but he’s very young, rather athletic (a rarity on this roster) and definitely flashed some NBA skills here and there last year. Plus, he’s one more guy who works hard and is well-versed in the fundamentals of basketball. (Coach K undoubtedly made sure of that at Duke.) Given the importance the front office is putting on the locker room environment, Josh is expected to fit in well in that respect and, hopefully, also become a useful back of the rotation guy.

Said Josh:

“I was thrilled last summer when the Pacers brought me back home,” said McRoberts, from Carmel, Ind. “I have the same feeling now that they thought enough of me to bring me back. This is home and I want to be part of what the Pacers are trying to do.”

Keep working on that jumper and your defense, and hopefully the fans in Indy will want you to be a part of what the Pacers are trying to do, too.

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  • Bender’s Breakout Year

    It’s always nice to see a kid with hometown ties staying with the Blue and Gold, but I’m not sure this is a good move from a basketball standpoint. Everyone has mentioned that we’re rebuilding, but doesn’t that imply that we’re going to start replacing our lesser players with better ones? I understand that we’re not exactly swimming in extra cash, but I don’t see how we’re going to have a better record by giving a guy like McRoberts (plenty of potential but little production thusfar) decent playing time.