The Pacers Might Sign-and-Trade Marquis

Marquis Daniels’ agent, Glenn Schwartzman, has reportedly confirmed that the 6’6″ swingman will become a Boston Celtic in the days to come. And while the Celtics could just sign Marquis outright for the bargain price of $1.9 million dollars (the value of the Biannual Exception that represents the only way Boston can sign another free agent after giving their full Mid-Level Exception to Sheed), it looks like Celtic GM Danny Ainge and Pacer GM Larry Bird are going to try to work out a sign-and-trade deal that would (a) allow Marquis to earn something closer to the $3-5 million per year that he is probably worth, and (b) allow the Pacers to get something back for Marquis, which is something that has seemed unlikely ever since Larry Bird declined to exercise a team option in Daniels’ contract that would have kept him in Indiana for one more season at $7.3 million.

Unfortunately, the one name that has come up is Brian Scalabrine, who is set to make $3.5 million next year and, in my eyes, wouldn’t provide any on-the-court benefits. The only other guys on Boston’s roster who could really match up salarywise are Eddie House ($2.8 million), Tony Allen ($2.5 million) and Kendrick Perkins ($4.8 million). I’ve never been a huge Eddie House fan, but he is one of the better three-point shooters in the whole Association and could probably shoot close to 50% from three in Jim O’Brien’s well-spaced offense. I’m even less impressed with Tony Allen, but he would instantly be the best athlete in the Indiana lockerroom and does play rather good on-the-ball defense on opposing guards, which is possibly the largest deficiency on the Pacers roster. Kendrick Perkins isn’t worth discussing since there’s no way Danny Ainge trades him for Marquis Daniels.

Sure, it would be nice to get something out of this, but unless a third team gets involved or a pick is thrown Bird’s way, I’m not seeing a lot of value coming back. House would be a decent pick up. Tony Allen probably wouldn’t. And none of the Celtics lower-salaried guys like JR Giddens, Gabe Pruit or Bill Walker (who I doubt would be targeted by the Indy front office because of his character questions) seem like anything to get excited about.

So in the end, Marquis should be pulling for Larry and Danny to work something out so that he can get a higher salary. But I’m not so sure Pacer fans should be.


I will certainly miss Marquis’ style.

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  • count

    While Tony Allen doesn’t make huge amounts of sense, if it’s Allen along with the $2.5mm cash to pay him, then the Pacers will have added wing depth as a stop gap until Dunleavy’s return (which they have to get anyway) basically for free. They could also finagle a prospect (Walker, Pruitt, Giddens) or a pick out of the deal. There are lots of ways the Pacers could come out of this deal well.

    Of course, the thought of Scalabrine makes me physically ill.

  • Jared Wade

    Agree to disagree about Tony Allen. He can play a little D, which is tempting, but I really dislike just about everything else he does on the court. An acquisition of only him with no other pick or player would essentially be, in my eyes, subtraction by addition. And watching him clang wide-open threes off the outside of the rim would be even worse than watching Marquis do it.

    As for Scal…Agree to agree.

  • count

    Now they’re ( saying that Boston is pushing the S&T to preserve their LLE. Take the rumor for what it’s worth, but there are also rumbles that the Pacers throw in another player…Diener in a smaller deal…Ford in a bigger one.

    Diener makes some sense to get back a couple of prospects, Scal and the cash to buyout Scal. (Or TA and the cash to buy out TA.)

    Ford you’re talking a straight salary dump…unlikely, but the package could possibly be Allen, Scal, & House…Watson mans the point with House backing him up…the Pacers cut $8.5mm in salary next year, and continue their merry search for THE PG.

    OK with the smaller deal, iffy on the Ford thing.

  • Jared Wade

    It’s hard to see Boston wanting Ford given his known temperamental attitude about coming off the bench — unless they are legitimately still for some god-knows-why reason considering to trade Rajon.

    And, again, it’s hard to get excited about any of Boston’s “prospects.” Getting a pick would be cool and I’m not against dumping TJ for cap relief (even if the reality of starting Earl Watson is, to put it politely, highly unpalatable) but I’m just not seeing much in the way of real assets returning. And it’s not like shaving one year off of TJ would exactly remove the burden of all the other contracts still on the books.

    We’ll see, I suppose. I’m kind of ambivalent about everything currently going on is what I guess it ultimately comes down to.

  • count

    I like Walker as a cheap wing…Let’s face it…the Pacers are going to be dumpster diving for this summer, and maybe next. If you can make a deal that will fill your roster for nothing, or maybe cut salaries a year sooner, then what the hell?

  • steve

    What character concerns is Walker suppose to have? I don’t get it. Just research some things about him, videos, interviews, articles in boston newspapers (if they’re not behind the archive wall). He is very intelligent and well-spoken and well-liked by his teammates. And you don’t have to take my own word for it: At the end of last season, Garnett went out of his way to praise Walker in the Boston Herald, saying that he is going to be a player in this league, that he works hard, that his attitude is good, that he comes to veterans for help. Garnett didn’t praise any of the other young players in the article and the bit about Walker looked kind of random because it wasn’t an article about young players. Garnett just felt the need apparently to speak kind words about Walker at the end of another practice, that’s how much he likes him.

    Walker’s not a sure thing by any means. There are real concerns about Walker’s outside shot and his durability (he’s had two ACL surgeries, one in high school, another his freshman year at Kansas State and then tore a lesser ligament in one of the knees during a pre-draft workout) but the reason I think he has a shot is along with his still great athleticism and prototypical swingman size is that he has a high basketball IQ.